If you are looking for something active and entertaining to do, then Roller Valley is the perfect place to provide those needs. No matter the weather outside, we will be open for you to enjoy the best roller skating experience to offer! 

Roller Valley was first opened in 1978 and bought by the current new owners in the Fall of 2017. We strive to build a friendly and fun environment for you. Whether you want to gather with friends and families or spend some quality time with your children or that special someone. We will make sure your time and money spent will fulfill your amusement.

Not only is roller skating fun, but it is incredibly healthy! Did you know, roller skating one hour per week burns 600 calories. Roller Valley is the ideal place to combine recreational activity and entertainment.

Roller Valley is unique because we have no session skating during public skate hours. That means you do not have to worry about running out of skating time. We genuinely listen to our customers suggestions and wishes to profoundly improve their experience.

If you want to take a break from skating, we have a cafe to try our delicious drinks or grab a bite to eat from our kitchen. 

Roller Valley is something different to everyone. We want every experience to be unique and personal to what each person is looking for. We value your support to continue developing the surrounding community. PLEASE do not forget to subscribe to our mailing list for special offers, entertaining events, and promotions.


– Tuesday $10
– Friday $15
– Saturday $18
– Sunday $15

Tuesday’s rentals 50% off

– Quads $6.00
– Inline $8.00
– Helmets Free

– Skate mates $10.00
– Speed Skates $10.00
– Scooters $12.00

* Prices are without tax
disclaimer: skate mates, scooters and speed skates are a luxury not a necessity for skating at the rink as such they are priced in our luxury category.

For optimal visual of our calendar turn your phone horizontal.